A unique experience for your events

The Porsche Experience Center offers the ideal setting for your corporate or private events with meeting rooms, a restaurant and various track activities. Are you looking for a way to thank your customers or suppliers, motivate your sales team or simply have a good time and share a life-time dream with friends?

The Porsche Experience Center also offers a wide range of tailor-made driving and racing programmes for all levels that you can try out behind the wheel of the latest Porsche models in a completely safe environment with expert supervision from Porsche-trained instructors.

The Maison Blanche circuit has been specially adapted to offer a dynamic and interactive track made up of several zones simulating driving conditions on all types of surface including a low-friction area, hydraulic skid and obstacle simulator (kick plate), off-road section, dynamic area…

It is the perfect playground for trying out your driving skills, testing the performance of various models and learning to control a vehicle in all types of situations.

More competitive participants will appreciate the personal advice offered during various racing courses given by professional instructors from the Porsche Track Experience program, the only official Porsche school in France.

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